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Birthed through the fires of revival, nurtured through the fervor of indigenous and international missionaries, the Democratic Republic of Congo 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction has a rich history. Though the Jurisdiction officially was recognized by the Church of God in Christ in 2014, the work of ministry in the region dates back to the initial work of the Church of God in Christ in the eastern part of The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 1975. Following a revivial by Bishop Maimela from Botswana in the southern part of Africa, The Church of God in Christ in the country DRC (then called Zaire) formed under the leadership of Bishop Gabriel Hichika Mayuke and his wife, Mother Godalieve Mayuke in his home with his family and Elder Robert Teululia. The country name, Zaire, was later changed to Democratic Republic of Congo in 1977.


Several years later, Bishop Gabriel Hichika Mayuke met COGIC missionary and community development pioneers, Elder Charles and Mother Mary Beth Kennedy at an International Convocation and asked for their help in The Congo. Elder and Mother Kennedy made several trips with teams to Lubumbashi and the ministry began to expand to the Kinshasa area. These teams included ministers, medical volunteers, and missionaries, including Mother Marva Cromartie Nyema who would later become Mother Kennedy’s successor as the Supervisor of Women in DRC 2nd. Over the years, the churches in the country grew to over one hundred fifteen churches.  Saints in the churches in the northwestern areas of Kinshasa  would travel for a month to attend the National Conference (Holy Convocation) located in Lubumbashi.  

Elder Fabrice Malundama Mbumba was a key ministry leader of the churches and ministries in the Kinshasa area.  He pastored churches and was  instrumental in building a school and soup kitchen in 1991.  The late Supt. Havious Green of Detroit, Michigan, and his congregation, Antioch Church of God in Christ and The Community of Caring founded by Elder Charles and Mother Mary Beth Kennedy helped Elder Fabrice develop many projects to improve the spiritual and physical lives of the people. Several years later, Elder Fabrice Malundama Mbumba and The Kennedy’s saw the need for a hospital within the area. Elder Fabrice worked in country to locate land, while Mother Kennedy worked outside the country to secure resources. Partnerships were formed with the COGIC Departments, leaders, churches and ecumenical partners.  These financial supporters helped build an orphanage which was completed in 2003. Mother Kennedy enlisted the help of The International Sunday School department, under the leadership of Bishop Alton E. Gatlin, to give to the hospital building project.  Once again, Supt. Havious Green, gave of his substance to help build the hospital. Currently, the buildings’ exterior is completed but it is in need of interior construction, equipment, medical supplies and staff.  Elder Fabrice Malundama Mbumba had a heart for ministry outside of the four walls of the church.  His development of community programs that taught trades, providing feeding and educational opportunity led to the steady increase to the churches in Kinshasa that expanded to two additional provinces in Bandundu and Kongo Central.

Because of the vibrant growth of the Church of God in Christ in the northwestern DRC and the distance the saints had to travel for many years to attend conferences, it was decided that a second Jurisdiction would be formed. The Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction was official recognized and Elder Fabrice Malundama Mbumba was consecrated as the first Jurisdictional Prelate on November 9, 2014. 

The late Supervisor, Mother Mary Beth Kennedy who was the Supervisor of the Department of Women under Bishop Mayuke continued to be a great supporter to Bishop Fabrice Malundama Mbumba and served in a supervisory and supportive capacity for  women of both jurisdictions. After Bishop Fabrice consecration, he and his wife started ministering to the Pygmies in the villages outside of Kinshasa. Five churches were born from this ministry. Currently there are twenty -two churches in the Jurisdiction located in the following provinces: Kinshasa, Kongo Central, Bandundu

Bishop Fabrice Malundama Mbumba, went home to be with the Lord July 17, 2018. Mother Kennedy also joined the host of heaven in Mother Marva Cromartie Nyema was consecrated as the Supervisor of Women for the jurisdiction on November 9th 2018.  Bishop Matthew L. Brown was appointed as the Jurisdictional prelate of Democratic Republic of Congo on June 22, 2021. Building on the legacy of revival, missions, and community development Bishop Brown brings his many years of spirit filled ministry, strategic partnerships and visionary leadership to launch The Democratic Republic of Congo 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction into its next season of magnifying the Gospel of Jesus Christ by bringing Kingdom to Community.

Bishop Fabrice Mbumba.jpg
Bishop Fabrice Mbumba
Mother Mary Beth Kennedy.jpg
Mother Mary Beth
Pastor Richard Pungi Mvunda.jpg

Pastor Richard Pungi Mvunda

Pastor of Nazareth / Mitendi Parish

Pastor Claude Manzanza,.jpg

Pastor Claude Manzanza, 

Pastor of Les Vainqueurs / Bambila Parish

Pastor David Ruphin Kisula.jpg

Pastor David Ruphin Kisula

Pastor of Foi en Action Parish / Kindele

Pastor Vicky Mupata.jpg

Pastor Vicky Mupata,

Pastor of Ephrata Parish / Tchade

Mother  Nzuzi  Mbumba Dieu bénie.jpg

Mother  Nzuzi  Mbumba Dieu bénie

Mother of Nazareth / Mitendi Parish

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