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About Us

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction #2

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the diocesan authority and apostolic seat and Holy See of the Bishop assigned by the Church of God in Christ. The purpose of the assignment on the continent of Africa is to promulgate the gospel of Jesus Christ in obedience to His Great Commission mandate. DRC or former Zaire is a complicated denominational assignment requiring the  Church to provide leadership through and by the Jurisdictional Bishop assigned. 

Our Story

DRC has historically been served by devout Christians who were missionary leaders and native sons who have sacrificed their finances, families and in most cases, their futures on behalf of this abjectly poor nation. Geographically, DRC is mineral rich and people poor. The colonization of the French, it’s continued civil wars, political upheavals and corruption in government have left the people and the land decimated. 


Today’s DRC, and specifically, COGIC diocese are facing mutual challenges and opportunities. There’s a dearth human, capital, social and financial political and governmental resources.  The COGIC is challenged to embrace the current situation by tangibly responding to the humanitarian, health and educational concerns along with providing training and leadership to 36 mission churches, orphanage, hospital and school which are in physical disrepair or deficient. 


COGIC DRC2 envisions developing a sustainable strategy to assist the people of the Congo, strengthen  and source the organic leadership and resource through its international partners goods and supplies to address the myriad of thriving opportunities we face. 

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Dan Bicz
Bishop Chad Carlton
Angela Kennedy Collins
Bishop George Crenshaw
Bishop Ghilain (DRC1)
Bishop Anthony Gilyard

Vonzell Jones, ESQ
Randy Kayembe
Dr. Letisha Malcom
Dr. Wade S. Runge
Bishop Robert Sterns
Dr. Franck Yatta

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